Belk Seasonal Support Associate - Ridgeview Mall Belk #561

The Seasonal Support Associate is part of the operations team that performs non-selling duties to support the selling function of the store. The Seasonal Support Associate position is temporary and non-exempt, and schedules can include nights and weekends.
Merchandise Presentation
Presents merchandise consistent with merchandising standards
Ensures the timely floor setup, including pricing and signage for sales sets, promotional events and seasonal business activity (excluding shoes and cosmetics)
Ensures direction of playbook and seasonal merchandise meetings
Maintains floor and stock areas consistent with store standards
Works as directed by the Operations Team Manager.
Core Store Operations
Performs the process of unloading and sorting merchandise cartons received on trailers. Moves new merchandise to the appropriate processing drop zone on the sales floor in a safe and timely manner utilizing equipment such as rolling flats, carts and z-racks.
Processing and product Placement:
Performs merchandise unpacking and unwrapping to ensure readiness for merchandising on the sales floor. Applies sensor tags per company standard.
Properly merchandises new and replenished goods in accordance with plan-o-grams and store direction
Price Change and Sale Set function/ Merchandise Return process
Performs the execution of all types of markdowns on the sales floor. Sets sales and national ad events.
Performs the pulling and processing of transfers, returns to vendors (RTV), damages, and mark out of stock (MOS) merchandise.
Responds and communicates price change inaccuracies and signage issues to the OTM.
Maintenance & Housekeeping
Removes packing materials from processing drop zones. Bails cardboard and prepares plastic for recycling.
Ensures the cleanliness of the sales floor and the receiving area following processing on truck days.
Housekeeping includes being responsible for the cleanliness of the facility specifically the restrooms, associate lounge, fitting rooms and office areas. (Not the case in all stores)
Maintains a safe shopping and working environment
Exhibits a warm and friendly demeanor when helping customers.
Greets all customers and insures that there needs are met.
Adheres to Belk's dress code policy.
Non-Core Store Operations
The OTA is expected to assist with floor tasks to the overall benefit of the store, particularly during times of peak demand periods, including but not limited to:
Seasonal sets
Floor moves
Daily maintenance
Fill Ins
Daily Standards
Supports the store's focus on Relentless Customer Care.
Support the store to achieve Belk Rewards goal
Ability to ring the register.
Education & Experience:
Must be 18 or rising senior in high school.
High school diploma or GED preferred.
Ability to use computer keyboard, standard telephone and other related business equipment
Ability to lift between 10 and 72 lbs. at floor level and/or team lift when necessary.
Ability to push / pull receiving equipment weighing up to 500 lbs. such as rolling flats, z-racks and pallet jacks.
Ability to stand for long periods of time.
Ability to twist, bend and stoop to retrieve items from floor, shelves, racks, and hooks and place items on floor, shelves, racks and hooks
Ability to work at a safe and steady pace.
For reasonable accommodation information for an ADAAA qualified disability please see Belk Associate Handbook for policy and procedures.

Don't Be Fooled

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